Happy Mothers day to my second Mom

Charlotte’s mother and her grandmother treated me just as one of the kids, right off when I first started dating her. I was a young 17 year old working in a downtown parking lot when I met Charlotte’s grandparents. They had come in town from the little town of Miami Texas to do some shopping and they parked in the lot I was working at. I did not find out till later who they were. Any way Willie Mae and ViCharlotte’s family had planed a trip to Miami so I could meet them. When we had arrived it was time for dinner which was what it was called back then, (now days it is called lunch.) Any way her grandma had set out her best china to eat off of.

For some reason Charlotte’s mom who we called Vi which is short for Violet,ย thought I could do no wrong. She called me Jim boy. She introduced meVi to Taco’s and other Mexican food, and alsoย to sweet tea and I do mean sweeet, one cup of sugar to a pitcher. I was always so stuffed at holidays because she would always say now Jim boy you better get in their and get some more and of course I did not want to hurt her feelings. We miss these two ladies so much.

17 thoughts on “Happy Mothers day to my second Mom

  1. a lovely tribute to some lovely ladies. My Grandma always added lots of sugar to her tea, she really meant when she made “sweet tea”. Thank you Jim.

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  2. Charlotte’s mother, “Vi,” made me smile when she said for you to get in there and finish off the food. The reason why they liked you was because you are a true old fashioned gentleman, Jim!

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