Wishing my Mom a Happy Mothers day.

I truly miss my mom and think of her every day. I lost this dear lady twice and of course the last time was when she passed in 1993. The first time was caused by a stroke which effected her speech, and walking. But at least I could hug her, kiss her, and tell her how much I loved her. She lived this way for sixteen years, which came shortly after my dad had passed in 1977. I remember that she Alice and Leon004 (2) Alice Lee Harbinwould get so aggravated when she could not tell us what she wanted to say. I remember that my kids when they were small tried to get her to say hippopotamus, finally one day she got so mad that she said it and you could tell that it made her so happy.  After that she would say oh shoot when she tried to tell us something and couldn’t. We love and miss you Mom.


8 thoughts on “Wishing my Mom a Happy Mothers day.

  1. This was lovely, Jim. Sorry I called you Harbin on the last post. What was I thinking? Maybe I am losing a bit of my own mind or memory, not a stroke. So sorry this happened to your mother but like you said, she enjoyed a hug or kiss and you had her for awhile longer than if she had passed the first time. . . Hugs to all mothers out there and your wife, too. 🙂

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    • Thank you again. Don’t worry about calling me Harbin after all that is my last name. When I was in the Navy Harbin was what they called me the whole time. When mom first had her stroke she looked so bad and I was scared, I asked God to take her right then. But praise God He knows best and we did have her for a long while. Even the way she was she blessed me and my two sisters with her love. 🙂 Jim

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