A Pay it Forward Free Meal.

You know just about all you hear now days is bad things happening around town and around the world. Today 05/02/2016 we had called some friends to go out and get a burger at Red Robin here in Amarillo Texas. We always enjoy eating with this couple, we have known them ever since our kids started school some 46 years ago. Any way we had finished eating and was getting ready to pay our bill when the waitress told me that mine and the wife’s was paid for by someone because I was a veteran. The only way they could have known this was the hat I was wearing, she told me she could not tell me who it was, so we told her to please thank them for us. Paying it forward is always a good thing for it makes the recipient and the giver feel good.


23 thoughts on “A Pay it Forward Free Meal.

  1. A lovely gesture. I think it is often forgotten that there is a huge upswelling of positive feelings and gratitude towards veterans…and those serving now, such as, for us, the RAF fighting ISIL.

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    • Thank you John. All veterans whether active or inactive have put their lives on the line to protect their countries from the menace that is trying to kill us. Ever one of them need to be held in the highest respect from us. 🙂 Jim


  2. I am seeing this happen rather frequently lately. It restores faith in
    The good that is out there. I am particularly happy to see our veterans and military given the respect and honor they deserve. Although there is never enough we can do to repay your sacrifice I hope you know how much it means to us.

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    • Thank you Mary. I have noticed that people seem to be getting friendlier all over the United States toward veterans and military people. Have a blessed day. 🙂 Jim


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