Happy Mothers day to my second Mom

Charlotte’s mother and her grandmother treated me just as one of the kids, right off when I first started dating her. I was a young 17 year old working in a downtown parking lot when I met Charlotte’s grandparents. They had come in town from the little town of Miami Texas to do some shopping and they parked in the lot I was working at. I did not find out till later who they were. Any way Willie Mae and ViCharlotte’s family had planed a trip to Miami so I could meet them. When we had arrived it was time for dinner which was what it was called back then, (now days it is called lunch.) Any way her grandma had set out her best china to eat off of.

For some reason Charlotte’s mom who we called Vi which is short for Violet, thought I could do no wrong. She called me Jim boy. She introduced meVi to Taco’s and other Mexican food, and also to sweet tea and I do mean sweeet, one cup of sugar to a pitcher. I was always so stuffed at holidays because she would always say now Jim boy you better get in their and get some more and of course I did not want to hurt her feelings. We miss these two ladies so much.


Wishing my Mom a Happy Mothers day.

I truly miss my mom and think of her every day. I lost this dear lady twice and of course the last time was when she passed in 1993. The first time was caused by a stroke which effected her speech, and walking. But at least I could hug her, kiss her, and tell her how much I loved her. She lived this way for sixteen years, which came shortly after my dad had passed in 1977. I remember that she Alice and Leon004 (2) Alice Lee Harbinwould get so aggravated when she could not tell us what she wanted to say. I remember that my kids when they were small tried to get her to say hippopotamus, finally one day she got so mad that she said it and you could tell that it made her so happy.  After that she would say oh shoot when she tried to tell us something and couldn’t. We love and miss you Mom.

A Pay it Forward Free Meal.

You know just about all you hear now days is bad things happening around town and around the world. Today 05/02/2016 we had called some friends to go out and get a burger at Red Robin here in Amarillo Texas. We always enjoy eating with this couple, we have known them ever since our kids started school some 46 years ago. Any way we had finished eating and was getting ready to pay our bill when the waitress told me that mine and the wife’s was paid for by someone because I was a veteran. The only way they could have known this was the hat I was wearing, she told me she could not tell me who it was, so we told her to please thank them for us. Paying it forward is always a good thing for it makes the recipient and the giver feel good.