Last full day in Kauai and Hawaii

Even though we heard about a helicopter tour crash at Pearl Harbor.  We decided to go ahead and do one here at Kauai. It was with the Blue Hawaiian Helicopter and it was well worth doing, we loved every second of it. I was worried a little about my weight though. If you weighed over 250 ponds it would cost us extra. I knew I weighed around 235 when we came to Hawaii, but with all the great food I was not sure how much I had gained.  Well I was ok, they did not tell me what I weighed though, I guess it was due to the computer did all the weights and then assigned where you would set in the hello. I was in the middle in the back of the hello, so I did not have the best seat but I could see alright. I have a few pictures but they do not do it Justus. If you are at all interested you can see the hello ride that Charlotte and I was on by going to You Tube and Looking for Hello Ride in Kauai Hawaii, there are six of them and they are about ten min. long.

Afterwards we spent the rest of the last day hanging around the resort. Then we had a say good buy dinner with the group.


16 thoughts on “Last full day in Kauai and Hawaii

  1. You both look so happy and relaxed. What a wonderful way to go back to where you served in the military and THANK YOU for all that you did for our country Harbin! Take care and hope you are having a wonderful Spring! Hugs, Robin

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    • Thank you Robin we did have a great time their. My wife really loved it and being able to see Pearl Harbor. I had talked to her the night before my ship pulled back out to head overseas again. The next day I received a message from the Rid Cross telling me that my daughter was borne the night before. My wife was in labor but she did not want me to worry so she did not tell me when we talked. Thank you for your wonderful comments. Have a blessed week. 🙂 Jim


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