Gallery: Topping off the Second full day in Maui

After the boat tour Charlotte and Marg shopped around. I went and set under the Banyan tree in the park. I always enjoy people watching, and visiting with the other men setting around. Charlotte always worries about getting something for the kids and grandkids when we travel. Well she had some luck finding some stuff which made her fill better. While waiting for a trolley to take us back to the hotel we looked at the remnant of an old fort, and a few cannon’s.

After words we made it back to the hotel. We arranged to meet with Herman and Marg for dinner. This was their last day for they were heading back home to Canada the next morning, and we will be moving on to the next island.


10 thoughts on “Gallery: Topping off the Second full day in Maui

  1. I loveeee Maui! My parents were going to do their lavender there, but it fell through. 😦 We have been lavender farmers for well over 15 years here in California, and we love Maui. What was your favorite place to visit on the island? Tell me you try Bad Ass Coffee? lol

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    • Our most favorite thing was the whale watching. We also loved looking around the part of the island we were on. We had a luau but was not to impressed with it. I was not all that impressed with the coffee of course it was just at the motel. Have a blessed week. πŸ™‚ Jim

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      • Hi Jim,
        Awww I believe the Luau’s are over rated. :/ They lose their “traditional” Hawaiian history. Sorry to hear that it wasn’t much fun. Did you guys try Mamas Fish House or Gerard’s in Lahaina? My friend owns that French restaurant.

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      • We did love going into town and doing the Whale watching, but sad to say we did not eat in town. We were with another couple and we decided to go back to the resort. so we ended up eating at Don the Beachcomber in the resort. πŸ™‚ Jim


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