Gallery: Second full day in Maui

We opted to do the whale watch, so we did not have to be down in the lobby till around 10am. We slept in if you want to call 07:00 sleeping in. We went down for breakfast, then back up to get ready for the day. The tour group paid for our taxi ride to the Lahaina Harbor. We received our tickets for the boat ride, then set around visiting with our new friends from Canada. Herman and I set and visited while the girls walk around the park across the street. There is a tree in the park that covers the whole block, It is called a Banyan tree. If you look up Banyan Tree Park you can see more of the tree. We boarded the boat and headed out, Charlotte went up top side and Herman, Marg and my self stayed down in the shade. We all had good views for the captain made sure to turn the boat where every on could see the whales. All the trips that Charlotte and I have taken this was our first whale watching tour, we realized we should have taken theses tours on our Alaskan trips.


6 thoughts on “Gallery: Second full day in Maui

  1. Awesome pictures! Beautiful is God’s creation. The branches of that tree reminds me of the branches of the Oak Tree! And I’m glad that you enjoyed your trip.
    I thank Father God every day for the travel time (United States and abroad), the desires of my heart for my husband and I.
    God bless you sir! ❤️

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