Gallery: Last day on the Big Island Hawaii

We were up early and loaded on the bus for Hilo Hawaii where we would catch our flight to the next Island. But first we would make a day of site seeing on the way. Heading around to the other side of the island we stopped at the southern most bakery in the United States. It is called Punalu’u Bake Shop, where we had a Malasada which is a Portuguese-style donuts.

After getting back on the road we stopped at Black sand beach. It is a beautiful beach. If you pick up the sand and look at it, the sand looks like gun powder. It is made of crushed lava. It is hard to walk on for it shifts under your feet. The Green Sea Turtles come here to dry out there shell’s.

Then on to Volcanoes National Park. Where you could look at the steam rising out of the Volcano. We were able to go into a Lava tube, which was created when the flowing lava would harden and then flow out leaving the harden empty tube. We had a late lunch at Volcano House restaurant in the park which over looked the crater of the volcano. There were two rocking chairs that cost about $5000.00 a peace. they are made of one of the hardest and now protected wood in Hawaii.

P1140225 P1140175 IMG_1651 IMG_1650 IMG_1644 IMG_1639 IMG_1637 IMG_1632


8 thoughts on “Gallery: Last day on the Big Island Hawaii

    • Thank you John. Yes the black sand was different. Those turtles were big, and it looked like he was having to work pretty hard to pull himself up on the beach. 🙂 Jim


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