First full day in Honolulu

Since we came in a day early we were refreshed and ready to do aIMG_1518 little sight seeing. We decided to take the Waikiki Trolley. They had several different routs you could take. We bought the hop on hop off tickets for all the different routs. First we road on the pink rout which took us up to Diamond Head. Hawaii Five 0 was beeing filming up there so a lot of the park was IMG_1533blocked off. As we were coming back around toward downtown the trolley stopped at a shopping center. The trolley broke down while we were there so we decided for a change of plan, we would catch the red trolley which would take us around to the north side of the island. So we waited another pink trolley came and went, then a green trolley came by, I saw another trolley come by and I could have swore it was a red trolley but after getting on and riding for a bit I happened to notice it had a pink flag instead of red. Oh well I never said I was the smartest tourist in Hawaii. We had to be back to ourIMG_1541 Motel at Three so we decided now we did not have time to catch a red flag trolley. The trolley stopped by the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Motel which has a restraint inside called Dukes Waikiki. We decided to get off and eat lunch, one of the locals had recommended this place. We both had fish and chips, it was the best we had ever eaten, The fish was Striped Marlin it had the best flavor. When we made it back to our motel Charlotte did a little shopping and we went across the street so she could put her feet in the ocean, At three we went to the desk where our tour group was to meet. Picked up our packet, met some of the other people IMG_1546going on the tour. That night the whole group 42 in all met over at the Ashton motel in their Tiki restraint.



IMG_1526 IMG_1528 IMG_1530


On our way to Hawaii

Our flight leaves on the tenth so the night before we made our way from our sons home to a Motel near the Bush International airport. We were ablAt the hotele to stay there and then leave our car at the motel for the 12 days that we were in Hawaii. The flight was to leave around 09:15 so we had a chance to go down and enjoy breakfast before we caught the shuttle to the airport. After we checked our bag we headed through security. I have a knee replacement, and Charlotte has a Pace Maker so both of us have to go through the full body scan. I made it through just fine but for some reason poor Charlotte set of some kind of alarm and so she had to be searched, of course nothing was found so we were able to proceed. We boarded the plain for the 8 hour and 10 minuet flight to Hawaii. We flew over a day early before the tour started. We gained 4 hours so it was around 1:00 in the afternoon when we arrived which gave us some extra time to explore. Since we came in a day early we were not expecting to receive a Lei. But we were met by a nice young lady from the tour company, she gave us both a Lei and then IMG_1504proceeded to take us to get our luggage, then made sure we caught the shuttle to the motel. The shuttle driver had told us of a few local places that we needed to try while we were in Honolulu. He dropped us off at the Waikiki Beach Marriot hotel and resort. Our room was on the fifth floor and when we stepped out on the balcony we were surprised that we had a view of the Ocean. The driver told us of a place we had to try and it was called Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, it was about a block away so we had one, he was right they were great.


First Leg to Hawaii

It is now February sixth 2016. Almost a year ago we had planed on going to Alaska and Hawaii for our fiftieth anniversary. We did Alaska last August right on our fiftieth and now it is time to go to Hawaii. We left on the Sixth of Feb, to drive down to Houston. Not knowing for sure how the weather would be here at home we decided to take a flight out of Houston and we could get a direct flight to Honolulu. The Seventh of Feb, is our Twins birthday and we had already celebrated with Jeff who lives here in Amarillo so now we are going to celebrate with Jeremy down in Houston, also his wife Aubrey’s birthday was Aubry on the boat The boatthe third so we celebrated with both of them. They took us down to their sail boat to show us how they were coming along on refurbishing it.