Blizzard of 2015 in Amarillo Texas

We are having a nice little snow storm here in the Texas Panhandle. The snow flakes does not seam to be all that big but the 20 and 30 mile an hour winds with gust up to 50 miles an hour has the snow drifting up. I heard of one report of a snow drift being 29″ deep so far. We have kids in from South Texas and also from Kansas, they are not supposed to go home till Tuesday but they may have to stay a little longer which want hurt my feelings.

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47 thoughts on “Blizzard of 2015 in Amarillo Texas

    • They told us it was coming, It is supposed to last till some times tomorrow. So far we haven’t received the amount of snow and I hope we don’t or we will be in bad trouble. Hope you had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. 🙂 Jim


    • Well the family headed out this morning. My daughter called about 10 min ago and she is home safely. and My Houston kids texted and said they were about an hour or so from home. The weather seems to be acting weird all over so I hope and pray you all are safe also. 🙂 Jim

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  1. Happy New Year Jim! We drove from South Texas up to Chicago and then down to Alabama for Christmas. We missed most of the bad weather. Got home and saw that the roads we traveled on were closed due to flooding. Weather’s crazy. Blessings on you!


    • Thank you and a Happy New Year back to you. Glade you made it home safely. My kids left last Tuesday driving back to Houston and they made it home safe. My daughter left last Tuesday also driving to Kansas and she made it home safe also. We have had weird weather over the USA last year, we ended with the forth wettest year ever. Have a blessed week end coming up. 🙂 Jim

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    • Thank you Steve. Yes we get snow every year. We are far enough North to get snow, but far enough South that it does not hang around long. Have a blessed New Year. 🙂 Jim


  2. My biggest blizzard was when I was in school in 1978 at BGSU, I lived on the 10th floor of a dormitory. We had a week long party with no classes. 🙂
    I am glad nothing bad happened to you but sad that others have problems when electricity is lost.

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    • Thank you Robin. We do still have a little of the snow where it had drifted up but all the roads or great now. All power is up so every thing looks good until the next Blizzard comes our way, which could be in several months our years. Have a blessed day and weekend, 🙂 Jim

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    • Yes we have had warm days and cold days. But we also still have some snow piles where it is in the shade or where the stores and or snow plows has piled it up. It snowed again Friday night but by Saturday afternoon it was all melted. Have a blessed week coming up and stay warm. 🙂 Jim


    • So sorry to hear about all the snow yall are getting. We have been having some warm weather the last couple of days. we do still have some snow in the shade where we had our blizzard last December. Stay warm. 🙂 Jim


  3. Oh wow, hope you stay safe in that harsh climate. It seems the weather is out of sync everywhere. so far we have not really had a winter, it was in the 70’s here today, green with blossoms still blooming. I would expect this is Miami but not here in Central Fl. Stay warm!!

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