Praying for Paris

We are praying for all in Paris.



14 thoughts on “Praying for Paris

    • Amen and Thank you. Yes we do need to give back. We have been thinking of going over there next July. But we are having second thoughts right now. May hold off and see how things or going over there. But we are defiantly praying for all the people of France.


  1. Definitely at the top of my long prayer list, Harbin. Hope you and your family didn’t have any members effected. You have been wonderful snd supportive of my posts. Thank you so much. 🙂
    I work in Advance Auto warehouse and usually our hours “wind down” and we work less but we still are doing 44 to 48 hours a week. 😦 Never seems Time to get caught up.

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    • Thank you. No we did not have any one closely affected over there. My son is a first res ponder here and any time any of are called out we stay in prayer for them. Have a blessed day. 🙂 Jim


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