2015 USS Monticello Reunion.

We were free Saturday to do any thing we wanted until the Banquet that evening. We had to be down stairs at 17:00 pm which is 5:00pm. We needed to be there so we could have pictures made, we had a professional photographer to come in and take them.11038926_1005677312832898_6254153146995278557_n

We had a great banquet that night and I would like to give Thanks to BP1130823ob and his wife Maria Behm for all the hard work they have done to get this set up. We had a group of Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp. They were a high school naval group come and carry the Colors for our opening ceremony. One of the cadet  and his dad was invited to stay and eat with us. Some of our men were in uniform and they invited the young cadet to have a picture made with them. Also one of our men had his son join us and he is a Captain in the US Air Force.

Maria read a poem about the Monticello that almost brought tears to my eyes.12030538_993315040735792_6955325257627343157_o Afterwords we had some singing by Maria and the a few karaoke singing.







6 thoughts on “2015 USS Monticello Reunion.

    • Thank you John. It was hard saying goodbye to the guys knowing that we may not get to see them again. We said we would stay in touch this time but we are getting any younger. 🙂 Jim


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