Asking for Prayer

I am writing this for my cousin Rocky and his sweet wife Patsy. Rocky is in need of a liver transplant. They were called last Saturday to come to Dallas Texas for they had a liver. They arrived and had him prepped for surgery. As it turned out that the liver was bad so they checked on a second liver and it was bad also. So would you please lift him and Patsy up, and also that a good liver shows up. Patsy told me that Rocky was in good spirits and was feeling good today.

Thank you in advance.

Jim Harbin


36 thoughts on “Asking for Prayer

  1. HI Jim, I am sending positive vibes and your cousin Rocky and the family are in my prayers for all of this to work out well and for a liver to be found and for a speedy recovery and a healthy future. I am glad to hear that Rocky is in good spirits – I think the mindset is such a big part of healing – and good things happen to good people. Peace, Harlon

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    • Thank you Harlon. I will pass it on to them. I am in Amarillo and they are in Dallas which is about 500 miles away. But God is an awesome God and He hears and answers prayers no matter where we are at. 🙂 Jim

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