Leaving Alaska starting the long trip home.

After the short nights sleep we were up dressed and down stairs waiting on are bus to the airport. When we arrived and before we loaded on to the plain we talked to the lady at the desk, told her that we would like to set together. She P1130728 P1130741told us no problem and arranged it. We had noticed that we did not have a boarding pass for the flight from Anchorage to Seattle.

We arrived in Anchorage and hurried to get to the gate for the flight to Seattle. when we went up to the lady to get our boarding pass she told us to take a seat we were on standby. I told Charlotte I did not understand why we would be on standby for Princess made these reservations. Finely she called us up just before the plane started boarding. she gave us tickets but they were not together. The plain was full so Charlotte sat up front just behind first class and I was on the other side of the plane over the wing by the exit door.

We arrived at the SeaTac airport. While we were waiting on our luggage we called the motel where our car is at and told them to come and pick us up. we picked up the car and off we went. I am not sure if it was from me getting runIMG_1070 P1130755down or what but I was not felling very good and I had developed a cough. So instead of looking around more we went ahead and headed out-of-town. We drove to Yakama Washington and stopped for the night.


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