Last night in Fairbanks Alaska

We were both pretty tired so we went ahead and had dinner at one of their restaurants.  After dinner we went up and packed our luggage. The hotel had a person from Alaska air lines at the motel where we could go ahead and take our checked luggage, and also pick up our boarding pass for our flight in the morning.

We had not yet seen the Northern Lights so when I called for a wakeup call, I asked if the Northern Lights become visible would they also call us. We went to bed early for we knew that 05:00 am would come early. I think it was around 10:30 pm when they called and said the lights were dancing in the skies. We got dressed went down stairs and out the back door. Sure enough the lights were out. I had wished that the hotel could have turned off their lights but they could not. Hear again the good Lord knew that this was going to be one of our last chances to ever see the lights. Charlotte had read today 10/01/2015 that Fairbanks has received over 11 inches of snow which as broken a record for this time of year.

P1130699 P1130700 P1130702 P1130703 P1130715


6 thoughts on “Last night in Fairbanks Alaska

    • Yes I count it as a blessing, I had seen them one other time we were not to far out of Vancouver Canada, we could not see them very well so I was happy when they called and said they were out. 🙂 Jim


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