Fairbanks Alaska Second Excursion.

After we were through panning for gold we loaded back up on the bus we headed to where the Paddle boat Discovery II was docked. First we went P1130588inside the store slash restraint and they fed us beef stew, salad and a roll with some cobbler for desert. Then we boarded the boat, we had to let a P1130601float plane take off and then come in for a landing before we could sail. The plane was neat to watch, they told us that for this plane they had wheels for ground landing, skis for landing on snow and ice, and then the floats for P1130608landing on the water. they would change them out depending on what  the weather was doing or where they need to go.. Their were beautiful homes right a long the river. We stopped along the way where one of the men who runs in the Iditarod lives. It was set up so he could talk to us P1130620from the shore. You could see some new pups who was starting to have some training. Then you could see some older dogs set up to pull an ATV without the engine. He said these dogs are for racing so they are not big like you think of huskies, The bigger more muscle P1130629ones are bred for strength to pull loads. After that we went down stream to a village that was set up like the native Alaskans lived. Also they had a small herd of Caribou. They have like a water wheel set up in the river with some logs set up where it is wider on one end and narrow close to the wheel. The wheel had basket and flaps so that they would make the wheel turn. The basket would catch salmon which would then dump into a trap. They would then cut their heads off to make fish head soup. Then they would split it open hang them on a rack and put them in a smoke house. Nothing went to waste. If I remember correctly they have to catch at least 500 or so salmon a day just to feed their dogs.

P1130650 P1130655 P1130663 P1130669 P1130685


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