Leaving Princess Denali lodge for Fairbanks

We loaded up and headed for Fairbanks Alaska. We stopped P1130530at a little town Called Nenana Alaska for a potty break. This town has a tradition every year where they build an Ice tower they tie it in the river while it is frozen over then they make guess as to when it will start moving as the ice thaws. There was a man there who had his sled dogs, he let us take pictures and pet the dogs. The stop was only ten minuets so we did not get to hang around to look things over. The Bridge that we crossed was called the veteran bridge to honor the vets from that area.



2 thoughts on “Leaving Princess Denali lodge for Fairbanks

  1. Thanks for sharing Jim, how very kind they were to give thanks to the Vets in this way, I love animals, all types and most Vets are very caring and deserve our Thanks too.

    Our Vet, Simon of Well Pets, is so caring, when we couldn’t afford the Special food for our Petal, he gave it to us for free and he helps others who can’t afford the high cost of medicine for their pets too…. yes he has a big heart!

    Blessings – Anne.

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    • I used to think that those poor dogs were mistreated running in the snow and Ice, but I could tell watching them that they love all the running pulling and their owners do take very good care of them. 🙂 Jim


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