Fairbanks Alaska

We made it into our Hotel here in Fairbanks it is owned and operated by Princess cruise lines, and Holland America cruise lines. It has a couple of restaurants but like most of the ones that are in hotels they were kind of pricey. I am not good for walking long distances but we found a pizza place about four blocks away so we went in and had Pizza. when you order a soda pop it comes cold in a can, we asked for some ice in a cup he looked at us a little funny then said that they could run to store and get some ice if we would like, but that they do not have much of any call for ice here in Alaska. We told him never mind on the ice. As we were walking back to the hotel Charlotte noticed a grocery store so she went in and purchased some food for breakfast in the morning. Charlotte went out for just a little walk around she was going to do more but she was afraid that she might get lost. We stayed in for the rest of the evening.

The drive of the bus was telling us as we were coming into Fairbanks that some of the homes here our what they call dry houses. They do not have running water in them. These people us a community house to bath and an out house for bathrooms.


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