Second day at Princess MT McKinley Lodge

It has been Beautiful hear we had a little rain but most of the time the sun has been out. Cool enough in the mornings to wear a light jacket and no jacket in the afternoons. The food was a little expensive but it was good. Our friends have already gone for they were only staying one day. Charlotte and I had P1130283gone to one of the restaurants that is on site. The waitressย  was taking our order, she asked us where we were from and we said Texas. Then she asked us a question and we both answered at the same time. She said how cute that was, and I told her that after 50 years together we kind of knew each other. She asked if it was our 50th anniversary, I said yes. then away she went to bring us our food. After we had eaten she asked if we wanted any desert and we said no. When she came back with our check she had a piece of cake with chocolate drizzled on it, there was also a heart drizzled on it, and she told us she put that on and she said there was no charge for the cake. I don’t think we will ever forget that. I just wish we had taken a picture of it.

P1130215 P1130225 P1130240P1130310P1130321P1130313

8 thoughts on “Second day at Princess MT McKinley Lodge

  1. I know exactly what you mean about cake. Looking back. I can’t remember a single cake in our house that ever lasted long enough to be photographed. That is not to say, though, that they do not live long in the memory.

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