Race for the Cure

My sweet daughter-in-law is a breast cancer survivor. Today 9/26/2015IMG_1219 here in Amarillo we had the Susan G Komen race for the cure. My family went down to participate. I would say from the look at the picture my youngest grandson wasn’t to excited about it. So proud and happy for you miss Amy, God has truly blessed us with you.


5 thoughts on “Race for the Cure

  1. I too was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Jim but it disappeared before treatment which is the same as some of my other conditions even with my heart recently, the damage also disappeared.

    Being Healed is very good and God tells us All good things come from Him, so we give Him Thanks for your daughter-in-law’s healing, for mine and for the many others that He has healed now and over the years, regardless of what Tools He used or if He did so Miraculously as He has done with me much more than once.

    Christian Love – Anne.

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