Princess Mount McKinley Lodge

Back when we were on the train we were given a packet that had our room keys at the lodge, and other information that we need to know. I have to admit that Princess had all their ducks in a roll to make every thing as easy and smooth as could be. We were given a map of the grounds showing all the different  buildings and rooms. Our room keys and paper work said that our room was in the main lodge, I thought that was good it meant that we wont have to walk very far for our room. The grounds were beautiful and we were staying two days so IMG_1003 IMG_1024I knew we would get a chance to look them over. Charlotte and I went into the lodge with our carry on luggage and we were looking for the sign telling us where the rooms were at. From the outside and the inside we did not see rooms for people to stay in, Charlotte went up to a lady and asked her where this room was. The Lady looked at us then asked our you celebrating something. I said yes it is our 50th anniversary, she smiled and said follow me. She took us to a door and said this way, it led upstairs. IMG_0992When we got to the top You could see two doors spread a ways apart that had room numIMG_0993bers on them and one was our number. We went in and it was a suites. We knew we did not pay for a room like this so we thought they had made a mistake so we went back down to the front desk, explained what was going on and the man said no there was no mistake it was Princess telling us happy 50 years. From the window of our room it was facing Mt McKinley which is now FullSizeRenderDenali. We had a wake up call if the northern lights or if the mountain was out. I think it was like two in the morning we got a call. We rushed out thinking it was the lights, but it was the mountain. I took a picture but I do not know if you can make it is kind of grainy but you can make out the mountain.



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