Whittier Alaska

There is a channel on the TV in the state rooms that tells you the location of the ship and how far it is to the next port of call. It said that we were only 22 nautical miles from Whittier. I would say it was around 8:00pm when we started leaving the Fjords and we were not going to get to Whittier until around P1130123 P11301267:00am. If I figured out the speed of the ship to get there it would be around 2 NMPH. We did not see the town of Whittier for we got off the ship then boarded the train to Talkeetna Alaska. The train was one of those that has the glass where you can look out and up. We stopped in Anchorage Alaska but just long enough to pick up our guide. We got off the train about 5 miles out of Talkeetna we then caught a bus on into town where we could look around and get a bite to eat. Then back on the bus for the ride to the Princess Mt McKinley Lodge

P1130143 P1130194P1130208P1130203P1130206IMG_0975 IMG_0980 IMG_0982


2 thoughts on “Whittier Alaska

  1. Again, some lovely photographs of some beautiful countryside. I was sad to see the lady looking so bored with it all in Photo IMG_0980. Most of all, though, have you noticed the UFOs flying in neat formation in Photo P1130148?

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