Cruise day one.

We sailed out of Vancouver out under the bridge and headed north. It was the end of a hectic but beautiful day. We just set back and relaxed until bed time we were both tired, lets face it we are not spring chickens any more. The neP1120907xt day was the first full day of cruising and we just walked around the P1120915ship and watched for whales. Tonight was one of the two formal dinning nights. Charlotte wanted to go and iron my shirt for it had gotten a little wrinkled during our travels. I told  her she did not need to do that for when I put it on it will stretch out some wrinkles. She said no she was going to iron it. So she went down to one of the laundry rooms for the guest to use. She came back all P1130220excited. She had met another lady ironing her husbands shirt. They were from Arkansas, Charlotte told me her name was Phyllis and both of them hit it off and became good friends immediately. They agreed to meet up by the ice cream machine after dinner so I could meet Wayne and we could visit with each other. We were setting at a table with three other couples we love the way we get to meet and talk with people from all over. We had one couple Gary and Kathy from the UK, Alain and Maggie from Canada, and John and Cathy from Michigan.



11 thoughts on “Cruise day one.

    • We did have a good time and Wayne and Phyllis are coming thru in a few months and they are going to stay a day or two with us. We are so looking forward to that. Have a blessed day. 🙂 Jim


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