Finally the day is here.

We left Amarillo on August 11 driving up to Seattle. This day is August 22nd which is our anniversary. It is so hard to believe that this beautiful woman has put up with me for fifty years. we stayed at a motel that would let us leave ourP1120882 car there for the 13 days of our Alaska trip. This is going to turn out to be one heck of a day. First, we had to be up at 4:30am to catch the shuttle to Sea-tac airport. This where we waited for the shuttle to Vancouver Canada. We boarded the IMG_0771bus at Sea-tac and headed toward Vancouver stopping on the way to pick up other riders. We spent maybe 5 hours on the bus, we all had to disembark and go through customs at the US and Can border. I guess it was around 1:30pm when we got to the pier. Thin the stop and go through the lines. First take luggage to be loaded on the ship, second follow line up to the second  floor to princes ship line to pick up room key. Third go down to get into custom line for the USA. Stop at an open computer to take your own picture to give toIMG_0772 the custom agent when you get to that area so the can check it against your passport picture. Finally stop at the gangway to the ship so they can take your picture and add to you room card. By this time we had not eaten any thing since the breakfast bar we had at the air port so we went to the room dropped off the carryon bags then up to dinning room to eat IMG_0790before the abandon ship drill at 5:00pm. Finally after our dinner meal and since this was our anniversary the waiter brought us a little cake and of course they sang happy anniversary to us with several different foreign accents.


P1120895 P1120897 P1120900


16 thoughts on “Finally the day is here.

  1. Many more Blessings in your Marriage Jim and Congratulation to you both on 50 years of joy in your closeness as Husband and Wife and as you walk with The Lord may you continue to know the Joy of complete oneness with Him too.

    I’m enjoying your Holiday Jim, maybe one day it will also be a reality for me too, we did see a lot of America when we visited but I would like to see more especially after traveling with you both.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

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    • Thank you Anne. Yes God has truly blessed Charlotte and I. Years ago I put God first Charlotte second my kids third and every thing else falls afterwards. Charlottes has put them in that order also. Have a blessed and wonderful day. 🙂 Jim


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