Visiting with Family

Charlotte’s younger brother was in the navy the same time I was in fact both of her brothers were in at the same time. Andy was her younger brother and he passed a few years back. His Son also went into the navy right out of highP1120876 P1120877 school. In fact Jeff made a career out of it. While he was stationed in Japan he met a wonderful and sweet Japanese girl and they were married. He has now retired from the navy and they live here in Washington. I had contacted him and asked if he and is family would meet us in Poulsbo at a restraint called JJ’S Fish House. His girls have grown so much and are now beautiful young lady’s. Afterword’s we headed back over Puget sound to a motel close to Sea-tac Airport.


6 thoughts on “Visiting with Family

  1. Dear Harbin77, I want to thank you for ‘liking’ the post concerning Dr. Ben Carson and the courage it took for him to truthfully answer the question he was asked on Meet The Press. It seems to me, Americans need to stand with Dr. Carson on this issue. He loves the USA and believes in Constitutional rule. He is not a bigot!


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