We made it to Seattle.

We finely started heading North towards Seattle. We were getting hungry and I spotted a sign for a Red Lobster, I said let’s go and get a slow set down meal IMG_0734so I pulled in. I do not know if you call it OCD or what but the light on the dash that tells it is time to change the oil in the car’s engine started blinking. I would cancel it but of course every time I turned on the ignition switch it would come on blinking again. By the time we got to Seattle I told Charlotte that I was going to have to get the oil changed so we did, feeling a lot better now. The next day we went on into Seattle. Our niece had just been in Seattle not to long ago. She told Charlotte about a place we were just going to have to go to. I put it in the Garmin and we drove to it all though I can not remember the name of it now. But the view was beautiful.

P1120800 P1120803 P1120801 P1120808 P1120811


8 thoughts on “We made it to Seattle.

  1. Seattle looks a lovely place. The USA seems to have bigger and bluer skies than we have. You did right to take notice of the red light on the dashboard by the way. Over here it means “you have no oil at all” and you have to pull in and seek assistance. If you don’t do that, you risk the engine melting completely.

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    • Thank You. On my Honda there is a wrench that comes on in the dash which means that it has been 7000 miles since your last oil change and it is time to get it changed. I usually always change it myself but traveling I had no place to do it and I did not bring any tools with me. I can reset the light where it does not come on again but that would bother me until I got it changed. 🙂 Jim


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