Highway US 84 Next to the Colombia River

We spent most of this day just seeing some sites on US 84. First we stopped at Bonneville Fish Hatchery which is next to the Bonneville Dam . My wife’s P1120729Uncle took us fishing in the Colombia river back when I was in the Navy. I actually caught a Sturgeon but I had to release him because it was not over 50lb. They grow to be very big. We were also able to visit the Bonneville dam National Park. We were able to go down and actually see the Salmon as they swam up-stream by climbing the ladder. We were told that they would swim thru little doors located in each step. The only time they would jump up the steps was if there were a large number trying at one time. There are several types of Salmon and some sucker fish in my photos

P1120741P1120738. P1120744


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