Colombia River Oregon side

While we were in Idaho you could see smoke in the air from some fires in the state. We also knew that Washington had some fires going in the eastern and central parts of their state. So we decided we would head thru Oregon along the Colombia river. We stopped at a little place called Wingers for lunch it was kindP1120674 P1120675 of a fun place to stop, they served popcorn while you waited for you food.Β It was some very beautiful country side. Charlotte found a lodge right on the banks of the river on the out skirts of a town Called Hood River.

P1120693 P1120690 P1120683


8 thoughts on “Colombia River Oregon side

  1. Charlotte and you Jim are very blessed to be able to do what others only dream about, I would love to visit America again and do what your doing again, even after 30 years I still remember the special way we were treated by you Americans, I have always had a special love and respect for for you all and for your Country. We spent almost a month visiting family and sightseeing, we could have stayed forever, it was sad leaving after being made to feel so welcome where ever we went but maybe one day we will be able to visit again but.until than Jim if you ever want to visit Aussie Land your both very welcome to be our guests.

    Blessings – Anne.

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    • Thank you Anne that was so sweet. We would love to visit down there and if the opportunity arises where we can we might just do it. The Lord has really blessed Charlotte and me. If our health holds out we plan on doing other travels. πŸ™‚ Jim


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