Deadwood South Dakota.

We love to do some things on spur of the moment. After leaving Rocky Mountain National Park, we went back into Loveland CO to get a bite to eat. Charlotte and I were talking about where do we want to go next. I said you know how that I only like two states and you only like three. Lets go toIMG_0584 North Dakota and we can mark out another one. So that is where we headed. We drove to a little town called Deadwood South Dakota and spent the night. Charlotte had called ahead and got us a room. when we pulled in to the motel there was just motorcycles in the parking lot. The first thing I thought was they will party all night. I was so surprised we did not hear one bike during the night and the guys we talked with was just as nice and polite to us.

P1120528 P1120532P1120538


7 thoughts on “Deadwood South Dakota.

  1. As we know Jim we can encounter both good and bad in people whom we meet in life , sadly some wear a derogatory label because of what others have done. Perhaps Jim you would enjoy reading about Bikies who care, when I first read it, I was surprised and than gave Thanks, since then I have meet some very special Bikies, one was a Pastor who shared some wonderful stories about their lives on the road.

    Bikies -

    Blessings – Anne.

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    • Thank you Anne and I know what you are talking about we do have some close friends who are bikers and we love them dearly. But just like every thing in this world you can have a few that will be bad and it seams to give you a bad taste. So we have to be slow to judge and get to know the people.


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