Fairbanks Alaska First Excursion.

We pretty much hit the floor going today. We had two excursion we were going to do. We loaded on the bus to go panning for gold. We stopped in the area P1130555 P1130557where the gold dredge # 8 was located. We had to walk under the famous Alaska oil pipeline to get to the little train that carried us up to pan for the gold. It was a cute little train and we had a narrator tells us about what all the tools were used for on getting the gold out of the land.

P1130559 P1130563P1130558


Then we were given a pan and a bag of dirt then went in and set down by some troughs where we would pan for the gold. It was neat but I could see if you were trying to get a lot of gold it would be hard work. We put both of ours together which the flakes were very small, it added up to twenty dollars.



Fairbanks Alaska

We made it into our Hotel here in Fairbanks it is owned and operated by Princess cruise lines, and Holland America cruise lines. It has a couple of restaurants but like most of the ones that are in hotels they were kind of pricey. I am not good for walking long distances but we found a pizza place about four blocks away so we went in and had Pizza. when you order a soda pop it comes cold in a can, we asked for some ice in a cup he looked at us a little funny then said that they could run to store and get some ice if we would like, but that they do not have much of any call for ice here in Alaska. We told him never mind on the ice. As we were walking back to the hotel Charlotte noticed a grocery store so she went in and purchased some food for breakfast in the morning. Charlotte went out for just a little walk around she was going to do more but she was afraid that she might get lost. We stayed in for the rest of the evening.

The drive of the bus was telling us as we were coming into Fairbanks that some of the homes here our what they call dry houses. They do not have running water in them. These people us a community house to bath and an out house for bathrooms.

Leaving Princess Denali lodge for Fairbanks

We loaded up and headed for Fairbanks Alaska. We stopped P1130530at a little town Called Nenana Alaska for a potty break. This town has a tradition every year where they build an Ice tower they tie it in the river while it is frozen over then they make guess as to when it will start moving as the ice thaws. There was a man there who had his sled dogs, he let us take pictures and pet the dogs. The stop was only ten minuets so we did not get to hang around to look things over. The Bridge that we crossed was called the veteran bridge to honor the vets from that area.


Denali National Park.

The next morning we got up and went to breakfast.  We walked over and took the shuttle to another part of the property, went in and had a great Cinnamon P1130399roll and some chocolate milk. Walked around seeing a little more of the lodge. It was time to go on our excursion into Denali National Park. We walked up to the lodge to catch the bus. We will be around 5 hours to go 17 miles into the park. We made several stops for taking pictures and stretch our legs. We P1130414were also told that we are now part of the 30% club. Only 30% of the people who take these tours are able to see the Denali Mountain, the rest of the time it is covered with clouds. We stopped and walked up to a little cabin that the rangers use for a rest stop when making their rounds in the winter time. The head ranger was there to tell us about it. You will see in one of my pictures that there is long nails around the window. The reason is to deter bears from P1130429trying to come in the window.

At our turn around point we met a native woman who is from the Athabaskan tribe. She informed us about the different tribes, how they live. And yes she said no matter what people think she gets cold.




P1130485P1130437 P1130441 IMG_1051 IMG_1053


Princess Denali Lodge

It was just before lunch when we arrived at the lodge. So after receivP1130362ing our packets with the room keys and finding which building we would be in we went to our room. I have to admit after being in the beautiful room at the other lodge this one seemed like a motel 6. P1130361The room was very small but the bed was comfortable. We had a great view of the Denali National Park from our room. After eating we caught a free shuttle into the National Park. We went into the museum looked around the went back out to catch the bus back to the lodge.

P1130366 P1130368 P1130379


Heading for Princess Denali Park

We boarded the bus early to head to the other lodge it is located around on the other side of the mountain. It was a nice but long drive, on the way we paP1130330ssed by this big igloo hotel. The driver was telling us that the man who built it invested a lot of money in it but when it came time to get it inspected so he could open it, the inspector told him he could not because their were no emergency exits in fact the only door to get out was the front door. So it just sets there empty. Some views from the bus.


Race for the Cure

My sweet daughter-in-law is a breast cancer survivor. Today 9/26/2015IMG_1219 here in Amarillo we had the Susan G Komen race for the cure. My family went down to participate. I would say from the look at the picture my youngest grandson wasn’t to excited about it. So proud and happy for you miss Amy, God has truly blessed us with you.

Whittier Alaska

There is a channel on the TV in the state rooms that tells you the location of the ship and how far it is to the next port of call. It said that we were only 22 nautical miles from Whittier. I would say it was around 8:00pm when we started leaving the Fjords and we were not going to get to Whittier until around P1130123 P11301267:00am. If I figured out the speed of the ship to get there it would be around 2 NMPH. We did not see the town of Whittier for we got off the ship then boarded the train to Talkeetna Alaska. The train was one of those that has the glass where you can look out and up. We stopped in Anchorage Alaska but just long enough to pick up our guide. We got off the train about 5 miles out of Talkeetna we then caught a bus on into town where we could look around and get a bite to eat. Then back on the bus for the ride to the Princess Mt McKinley Lodge

P1130143 P1130194P1130208P1130203P1130206IMG_0975 IMG_0980 IMG_0982