Lake Meredith

The Lord has really been blessing us this summer. We had been in a drought for several years. Lake Meredith is about 50 miles North East of Amarillo. At one time it was at a record high of almost 102 feet andLake Meredith thin just two years ago it was at a record low of 26 feet. Today it is standing at 58 feet due the record amount of rain we have been receiving. In fact just the last 4 days days it has risen a foot. This is the greenest I have seen the Texas Panhandle in years. Here is a link telling about it if you are interested.


50 Years of love and friendship.

The wife and I will be celebrating are fiftieth anniversary on 22nd of August. But I will save this for another blog when it gets closer to that date. As for now I would like to dedicate this story to a dear couple close to my heart. I first met Miss Nancy while visiting my cousin John in Altus Oklahoma. They made a sweet couple. I remember she was allergic to cigarette smoke and I smoked back thin we were only about 16 or 17 years old. I  remember us driving around like kids do and when I thought I needed a smoke I would stick have my body out the window and smoke it.

Later that year my folks and I moved to Amarillo from Borger Texas. I was around 17 years old then and I had gotten a job parking cars at some down town parking lots. While working at one of the parking lots I was with my boss and one other kid. These three girls came into the lot there was one I had my eye on. My boss Richard knew the girls and he introduced us to them. Yes this is now my wife Charlotte. In fact all three of us dated and then married and now our celebrating two of them 51 years and me 50 years.

John and I would visit back and forth of course talking about our girl friends. We both purposed to them and then we were about setting a date to marry. We had decide that they would come to our wedding on August 22 and then we would go to their wedding when ever they set the date. The day came for Charlotte and I to marry and John and Nancy were already married. they had gotten married on the 20th. Since John was only 19 his folks had to sign for them since that was the law in Oklahoma, and John did not want to wait till he was 21 to get married.

For the past 50 years we have tried to celebrate our anniversary together. We have made many memories together as cousins, and friends over the years, One time John was driving down the road on one of our outings. We took turns on which car to take. John and I have silly since of humor and we usually keep the girls laughing. I do not remember what John said but Nancy just swung her arm around and hit John. It took the wind out of him and I thought I was going to have to reach over him from the back seat to steer the car.

I felt that I would like to write a little something about her to honor her in some way. Sweet Nancy passed away just a few short months ago. She is and will be truly missed. John called last night to see if we would like to go get an ice cream, which was something we have done for years. I asked him if it would be alright for me to write a little story. even though she passed before the 20th they were together over the 50 years. Nancy we love you and we know that we will get to see you again some day.