Reading Between the Lines

I had a friend send me this link and it is awesome. I have read Genesis chapter 5 in the Bible several times over the years, but I guess I haven’t study it the way I should have. But I do know that every time I read His word and may have read the same verse over and over that He reveals something to me that I needed to know at that time. I also know that the Old Testament talks about  our Savior coming and the New Testament Is about his arrival, loving teaching, dyeing, and arising, that third day. All the rest is for us to live by, love by, and to reach out to others so they two can live with Him in their hearts. Read, watch, and enjoy.


8 thoughts on “Reading Between the Lines

  1. Thanks for this, it’s really interesting. Whenever the Old Testament is mentioned it always makes me think of the Ten Commandments. What a world we would have if we could follow them! Or just a few would be a vast improvement on what we have at the moment..

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    • That is true John. As a Christian I need to be more diligent in praying for healing to our nation and our world. In fact if we would ask him to forgive us and turn from our wicked ways He would hear our prayers and forgive us our sins and then heal or land. Have a bless Lords day and week coming up. 🙂 JIm


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