A Pleasant Surprise.

We were so blessed tonight. We had a coupon for a free queso at On The Border Mexican Restaurant. So we went there for supper. It was great for we enjoy eating there. Any way it was time to pay out and our waitress came and told us that are ticket was taken care of. We have no ideal who paid for it but I would like to say thank you and God bless you.


27 thoughts on “A Pleasant Surprise.

    • Yes it is refreshing to know that there are some people who do kind things. The news always seem to broadcast negative and bad things happening in the world. They wouldn’t even give something like this a second glance let alone tell about it. Thank you for your kind words also. Have a pleasant and blessed weekend and up coming week. 🙂 Jim

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  1. I love it when someone either knows you and wants to give you a surprise or a stranger reaches out and does this lovely gift of a meal. 🙂 I came home years ago, as a single mom from church one day to find an envelope in my mailbox. I was never sure if it came from a neighbor or from church but I noticed my mail box was propped open.. It had money and suggested a water park for those hot, little children and me. If it had rained I would have used the $ for a movie. I try to “pay it forward” when I can. So happy you not only got the coupon but a well deserved meal from someone else. 🙂 Wonderful!!

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    • Yes it is great and feel’s so good to be on the receiving end of someones kindness. We feel truly blessed when we can do that for others, you might not know what they have been through our going through but God gives you a real blessed feeling when you do it. Have a blessed week coming up. 🙂 Jim


    • This makes the second time actually for a couple of months ago we were eating at a local restaurant and I was wearing my Vietnam Veterans hat. some nice couple came up to us welcomed me home thin later they paid for our meal. You know we are blessed and we can afford eating out but it does feel good to know that you have blessed someone for just letting them do that act of kindness for you. Have a blessed day and week. 🙂 Jim

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