Magnolia Blooming

It is amazing what a good drenching rain can do. We have had this Magnolia tree for several years. Until now it has only had blooms on it twice and then it was a single bloom. We IMG_0543have had several good rains this year in fact we are around 8″ plus to the good for the year. So far we have had 5 blooms on the tree so excited



22 thoughts on “Magnolia Blooming

    • Thank you Stella. We had been having several hot summers until this year. The Lord heard our prayers and blessed our land with some much needed rain this year. Have a blessed day. 🙂 Jim

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  1. there are alot of reasons for small number of blooms on a healthy looking tree, one could be genetics, another could be missing nutrients in the soil, ever contact a garden guy? like at these large garden centeres?

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