Fathers Day 2015

I think of my dad all the time. He passed when I was 31 years old, he and mom was fishing which they both loved to do. They were at Foss lake in Oklahoma when he had a heart attack. Mom tried to get him to help but he passed way to fast. He did get to know my daughter In fact he would take her by the hand and show her where grandmas makeup was at. The Twins were only 3 years old so they don’t really remember him. I praise God every day that He has let me live long enough for my grand kids to know me. MyDad, mom,_edited-1 mom had a stroke not to long after dad passed. She did get to see my kids grow up, but she could not communicate with them for the stroke affected her speech. She lived for 16 years after dad passed. She passed in 1993. This picture was taken in 1968 and this is the way I remember them both. We talked with mom and I know she could understand us but she would get so frustrated because she could not tell us what she wanted to say.


35 thoughts on “Fathers Day 2015

  1. Many Blessings on your Special Day Jim and yes I have fond memories of my Dad too, my Mum couldn’t talk before she died either and I know it frustrated her too, although she did talk to me one day but how she did was amazing because she had a clot on the Brain and her Doctor told me it was impossible but she did.

    Christian Love – Anne.

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    • Thank you Anne. I always love to hear where God can do things that doctors can’t explain. Love that she was able to talk to you even for a little bit. If mom got really frustrated she might get one word out that you could understand. Have a blessed week and it is always good to hear from you. 🙂 Jim


    • Thank you Sarah and yes I had a wonderful day. I know it sounds like I am bragging on my kids but I feel so blessed that I just want to share them with everyone. Hope you have a truly blessed day and week. 🙂 Jim

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    • Thank you Hollie. That is probably the only time I looked that skinny. The Navy took it off but getting back home my wife’s cooking put it back on. Have a blessed weekend. 🙂 Jim


  2. This was so touching and it brought tears to my eyes. I was sorry of your sudden loss of your father. I also felt so bad with your mother’s frustrstion. So glad you kept up talking and trying to keep her company. Both your parents knew you loved them. Thank you for sharing and I really like the photo of you with your parents. 🙂

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