Lets go Golfing.

Jeff loves to go golfing on some of his days off. He has been teaching Riley to play and little Noah wants to learn so that he can go with them when they go play. They signed both of them up for golf camp. I went out Noah at the driving range Riley at the driving rangeyesterday just watch them for a little bit. They both seem to be picking up the sport and having fun. I think we are going tp be having three golfers in the family.


13 thoughts on “Lets go Golfing.

    • Yes that was great I did enjoy reading it and I do not understand the fascination with chasing the little wight ball around ether. All though I would have taken the penalty instead of trying to hit the ball from the water. I will show this to my son I think he will get a big kick out of seeing it. Have a bless day and week. 🙂 Jim


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