Rain Rain Rain

After visiting with the kids and having supper at a restaurant, we headed for the motel. We knew Jeremy needed to get home for he had to catch a flight out that next morning. The weatherman had said that is was going to rain that evening and on into the night, but they did not seem to know how much rain was going to fall. We could here the rain out the window it was imagesnot to bad where we were at in Webster Texas. The next morning when we got up and around, I turned on the television on local news. That’s when we found out that Houston had received 11.5 ” of rain over night. Parts of I 45 and some other roads were under water. In fact the very highway we went down just a few hours before were impassable.

635670963570170246-Gulf-Freeway-Metro-1 Screenshot-2015-05-26-at-4.02.29-PM

Jeremy came home Thursday afternoon and we got to visit and help him and Aubrey a little bit on the boat. We stayed until Sunday thin we drov10425471_10204494786386250_609049439520754239_ne the 11 hour drive back home to Amarillo. A week later the kids called us fromΒ their boat, they were taking it on its maiden Voyage.

P1120463 P1120464


22 thoughts on “Rain Rain Rain

    • Yes it is John, I am happy for my son for he has accomplished. Being raised in the panhandle of Texas where the nearest salt water big enough to sail is Gulf of Mexico which is about 14 hours away. He and his wife has taken classes on sailing and leased a sail boat for a year and now has bought an older 41 foot boat, fixed it up and is now sailing it. Have a great week John. πŸ™‚ Jim

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    • Thank you Linda. It is true that you can have to much rain when it all comes in a short period of time. But when we prayed For rain we did not ask in little bit at a time so all I can do is thank Him for hearing our prayers and giving us rain. And I do think that their boat is beautiful.

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