Deciding what to do next.

Monday 05/25/2015. Jeff and Amy broke camp and headed for home, We got up and around and after breakfast CeAnne headed back to Kansas. We were going to go over to Tyler Texas and visit with some friends that just moved there. We knew that they had been getting a lot of rain there and the weather channel was saying that they were to get 4 to 5 more inches. After talking it over we decided to go ahead and go to Houston.

Our sonMom eating a Firebirds Jeremy hast to leave on a business trip early Tuesday morning and that was one of the reasons we had thought about detouring through Tyler. It was a little cloudy but it was a nice day so far. We spotted a Firebirds Burritos as we were driving through Bryan Texas so we stopped for lunch. As we were leaving the restaurant it came a good down poor but it did not last long thank goodness. We talked with the kids and they said they would be at Kemah Texas where the boat they had bought was kept. Jeremy and Aubrey have been working on it getting it ready to sail. We made it there in plenty of time to visit with the kids and see their boat.

P1120444 P1120452 P1120457



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