Kids invited us to come along on their camping trip. Last Day

Sunday 05/24/2015. It was a beautiful Lords day the sun was out aP1120438nd just a few clouds. We were a little slow getting up and around, but we made it by the coffee shop and off to the camp ground. It was nice out partly sunny so we were able to set outside. The boys got to ride in a little train made out of 55 gal drums. They were able to go swimming in IMG_0501the pool at the camp ground. We were able to have a fire so for lunch we roasted some ears of corn on the cob on the fire and mom made one of our favorite camping meals Green Chilly Enchilada casserole, it’s making me hungry for it again just writing about it. That night we roasted marshmallow on the fire and made smores, plus cut a watermelon man was that all good. To me that is what camping out is all about.

P1120425 P1120432 P1120434



4 thoughts on “Kids invited us to come along on their camping trip. Last Day

  1. What fantastic memories you have made being actively involved with grandchildren’s lives. My kids still tell me tales of “camping” with my parents while they traveled around to RV camps 🙂 One camp had a Hawaiian luau and the kids, (even son), wore a Lei around their necks.

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    • We took are kids camping, first a cab over camper on the back of my old pickup, then a travel trailer. My son that lives here with the two youngest grand kids, says he loved the memories of us going camping and he wanted his kids to have those same type memories. Enjoy yours for they grow up so fast. 🙂 Jim


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