Kids invited us to come along on their camping trip. Day 2

Saturday 05/23/2015. Jeff’s work shift is a 24 hour shift and theyP1120407 had a call out around 1:00 am on a house fire so he did not get much sleeP1120404p before they left Amarillo Friday morning. I am telling you this so you might understand why we wanted to wait so late to show up at the camp sight this morning. We wanted to let him sleep in if he could with two little rug rats running around. After we had breakfast we ran into town and got us some Starbucks coffee. Picked up a couple for Jeff and Amy. Stopped by a donuts shop to get some donuts for the kiddos, then out to the campsite.

When we got out to the camp site every one was up and getting around in fact Jeff and the boys had already been out riding there bicycles. We Riding fire truckgave the boys their donuts shaped like a dogs face one covered in chocolate and one in cheery. The park had a couple of old fire trucks that they would give rides around the park in. They would blow the horns and the siren.


It was trying to rain and the boys were just dying to go swimming. We told the boys that after we had lunch we would all go back to our motel for it had an in door swimming pool and we would swim there. Swiming at Motel Thums up in the poolJeff teaching Riley to swim


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