Kids invited us to come along on their camping trip. Day 1

We have been having a lot of rain lately here and down in Fort Worth Texas where we were going. Our kids had invited us to go with them, they were going to go camping at a place called Jellystone RV park just South of Fort Worth Texas in the town Burleson Texas. We left early Friday morning 05/22/2015 for the six-hour drive to our motel which was only about 4 miles away from the camp ground.
We drove thru some rain but it was not bad for us. My daughter was coming also and she left her home in Kansas, her drive was going to be about seven hours. We had no problems getting there, but our daughter on the other hand had heavy rain, road construction to deal with in Oklahoma and when she got into Texas, so it took her around 9 hours to get there. The kids pulling the travel trailer made it safely also. Jeff got their camp-site set up and we met them at the park. It was raining some so we decided to go into town for dinner. After eating at a place called Fuzzy Tacos, we went back to the trailer and visited until time for everyone to turn in for the night..


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