Graduating from Preschool.

Our daughter in law called and asked if we would take Noah to Preschool, Noah last day of preschoolHis dad had to work at the Fire Department, and his mom had to take Riley to school for they were having a last day party for the second graders. Maw ma had to take a picture for this was his last day in Preschool. Later that night the preschool where he went had a graduating ceremony so we went to watch it. Noah is all excited for next year he gets to go to big school where his older brother goes.

Noah walkes the stage for graduation Noah with mom


26 thoughts on “Graduating from Preschool.

  1. Congratulations to sweet Noah! What a handsome and precious young boy he is. Such a nice family, too. I wrote more this winter and last year about my own grandchildren (who I call “grandies.) Life sure is a blessing when you are close enough to be a tally “in” your grandchildren’s lives. I went to “pancakes with grandparents” and “gardening with grandparents,” plus two concerts this past year 🙂

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