God’s Blessings

Last year around this time we were in the midst of a severe drought. We Rain Buckets 05192015 Street tring to become a river 05192015are still in a drought but the good Lord has blessed us with some much needed rain. We have a lake about 50 miles from here and it had gone from 99 feet deep to around 33 feet because of the drought, Since the first of the year we have had over 5″ of rain and today we received almost 2 more inches. The weather men here said that Lake Meredith has risen about 5′, it is now at about 48 feet so all the little rains and this one has made a big dent in the drought. We also have two more smaller lakes that have risen about 9′.

Rain 05192015


23 thoughts on “God’s Blessings

  1. We have received MORE than enough rain in southeast Texas the last few weeks that I want to curse it! But I only have to think back to last year when we finally started getting enough rain to get out of the drought — so I bite my tongue. So glad to hear rain is coming to the Panhandle!

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    • Thank you. It would be nice if it came more slowly, but we have been praying for rain and I am grateful that He heard our prayers and answered them. I know that He can see the big picture and so I feel that I should set back and enjoy His blessings. Have a blessed day< 🙂 Jim We are planning to go down to Fort Worth area and then down to Houston, so now I hope the rain will let off enough for travel. Here again we will just have to put it in His hands.

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      • I live about an hour north of Houston, and we are OK here, but the land is not as flat. As long as it isn’t raining buckets in Houston, you should be fine, but watch out for the bayous, and the highways around the city in a downpour…the water seems to come from nowhere when we have had this much rain. Safe Travels!!!

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  2. This is great news. We don’t have many droughts here in England but the last time, way back in 1976, it felt as if it was going to last for ever. It is so good that you had some break in the weather and I am happy for you.

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  3. We lived through a drought in Queensland and it’s devastating. Last winter we had hardly any rain in North Cyprus and were in drought by mid-summer, but thankfully there has been so much rain this winter. No-one’s complaining, we were all so thankful to see the wet stuff. Glad your drought is abating.


    • Thank you for reading and for your comment. We received 2-5 more inches today and we have had some flooding. I know that is a lot in very little time. We have been praying for rain and for our lakes to fill up. We may not understand what God is doing but He know things that we do not. I know that He will not give us more that we can handle. Have a blessed day and rest of the weekend. 🙂 JIm


  4. My goodness, he does test us though, doesn’t he? I know God has his methods and that by keeping his faith, he will keep you safe from harm, and provide you with all you need. God bless, to you and your lovely family, my friend!

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