Bike riding with Dad

My son and his family are getting ready to go camping this summer. The grand kids have been riding their bicycles just down the sidewalk on their block. They both have gotten brave enough to take their training wheelsBoys on thir bikes off. The second grader did first and then after the five year old saw his brother riding without them he decided he wanted too. My son said he came home from work and later on that morning when he went out to watch them ride he noticed that Noah was riding without the training wheels.

He asked him who took your training wheels off. Noah said I did, Why and how? well I saw brother riding without his and so I wanted to ride mine that way. Sure enough some how he used dads tools and took them off. Jeff went and got him a bicycle so that he can ride with them. He plans on taking them when they go camping. He wanted to teach them some bike etiquette so they went riding in the neighborhood and came by the house this morning and then over to the other grandparents to show them. We were out talking with them when Noah said lets rock and role and get this show on the road. He was wanting to ride not talk.


16 thoughts on “Bike riding with Dad

    • Yes it wont be long, and praise the Lord they will be hitting up their dad. I went through that when my twins became old enough to drive. Have a blessed day and up coming week. 🙂 Jim


    • Yes I figure it want be long now before we start seeing them ride to my house by them self’s, we only live about four blocks away. Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day and up coming week. 🙂 Jim


  1. Thanks for the blessed day wishes for my week and sending you happy thoughts about the day your grandsons will arrive independently riding. So nice to live within four blocks of each other. I have my grandchildren 2 miles away (my daughter in law and son’s house of combined four children and 3 miles away, my oldest daughter’s boys.) They walk with their parents to my house, so far. They ride bikes to a nearby school while their parents walk behind them, also. Smiles back to you, Jim!

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    • It is nice having all your children close by. My other son who is Jeff’s twin brother lives down by Houston Texas which is a 11-12 hour drive. My two oldest grand sons live there. My only daughter lives in Kansas which is a 9 hour drive to see her. So nice to hear from you again. 🙂 Jim


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