Children Steal my Heart.

My two youngest grandsons spent the night with us last night. Noah is 5 and Riley is 7. They are so cute and innocent at that age. We played together watched some cartoons, and Mama fixed us something to eat. We have a mattress that we brought into our bed room and the boys helped Poppy drag it into the bedroom; thin they helped Mama put clean sheets and covers on it. It just touches our hearts when the boys want to come over for a sleepover and then wants to play with us two old folks.

My wife has been reading a book on the Orphan train. She was telling me how these kids were out on their own on the streets of New York City. They had no place to go, nothing to eat, and nowhere to sleep. I have no way of knowing what these children went through. Β They were rounded up put on a train, and sent west. The train would stop in a town; the kids were lined up for people to look at. If the people saw the one they wanted that child would go and live with them. The kids that did not get picked were loaded back on the train and taken to the next town where they might or might not be picked to live with someone. I feel so sorry for those kids, some fond good homes though. I was so surprised the number of thousand of kids that road these trains. If you are working on genealogy and have a road block on your relatives you might check out the Orphan train.

38 thoughts on “Children Steal my Heart.

  1. My wife and I just spent a week watching our two grandsons. The time just flew. Sometimes I wish I could just hold time in my hands or slow it down just a little. This was one of those times.

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  2. I’ve never heard of the Orphan Train – I am going to go look it up right now!

    (And I am so glad you get to spend time with your grandkids – I know my parents love being grandparents and getting to spend time with their grandkids. Such a blessing!)

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  3. Children Steal my Heart. | Myblog's Blog

  4. this is heartbreaking, I will have to do some research. The idea of children going through this is devastating, of course today things are going on that I am sure would chill us all. Children have always been victims of abuse and cruelty, helpless to do anything about it. I hate that so much.

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    • This is so true. Some of those kids did end up with people who loved them and treated them right. I know even today there are people who want to adopt a children but through no fault of there own cant afford it. And then there is people who have kids but don’t treat them humanely. Have a blessed day. πŸ™‚ Jim

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  5. The Orphan train is a terrible blemish on our history. Poverty was everywhere and many helpless kids were abandoned or orphaned and instead of helping them, New York shipped them westward to be ‘adopted.’ Those adoptions often ended up as free labor with girls helping in the house and boys doing manual labor. The only other incident that could compare to this are the Indian (Native American) schools out west under the guise of retraining those “heathens.” In both cases, it is a shame.

    Everyone should know that sad history. There was a TV show about that on the History Channel, I think. Here is a YouTube link:

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    • Thank you Jackie. I agree with you a 100%. We also read that before the train they would put the kids in jail or in an institution to get them off the streets. Thank you also for the link. Have a blessed week end. πŸ™‚ Jim

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  6. Thank you for sharing Jim, your Grandchildren are blessed and yes you tugged at my heart strings, one of my first jobs was caring for Children in an Orphanage, which were mostly for abused Children, I use to be one myself, I will leave a link for you, there was no Train out of town or I would have been on it.

    Childhood –

    Christian Love – Anne

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    • Thank you Anne. I am so sorry you had to go through that and I am so proud that you found God our protector. Thank you also for the link to your story it does break my heart when you hear how someone mistreats children or anyone for that matter. Hope and pray you have a blessed week ahead. Christian Love back to you my sister in Christ. πŸ™‚ Jim


    • Thank you Anne for the link. I am so sorry you had to endure that kind of treatment. No child or person for that matter should have to go through that. I am so glade that you found and accepted or Savior Jesus Christ. My sister I pray you have a wonderful week coming up and may God continue blessing you each and ever day. πŸ™‚ Jim


    • Thank you Jonathan. I talked with another lady tonight and she said that this same lion had sprayed some other kids about a year ago. Have a blessed day and weekend. πŸ™‚ Jim


  7. I am eternally grateful that I never went through anything like those orphan train children did, and the more so that your grandchildren and so many others have love and care in abundance surrounding them instead! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you. For reading and commenting on my blog. I truly wish that no child had to go threw what those kids did, but the sad thing is I know there are children all over the world going threw some bad stuff. Hope you have a blessed day and weekend coming up. πŸ™‚ Jim


  8. I have six grandchildren and know how you feel. I loved raising my three children but my young and precious little grandies, as I call them, just steal my heart away, too. I write about them often but found the one 4 month old baby who was ‘saved’ from the rubble crying and still alive a miracle for last week. It is sad how many people have died in Nepal.
    Thanks for the reminder about the Orphan train. I have heard of it but not in a few years now. Take care and tell the missus, Happy Mother’s Day!

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