Loved going to the zoo.

We had the two youngest grandsons come over last night for a sleep over. There mother had to have a medical procedure done so this is why we had them. The oldest is a second grader and the 5 year old is in preschool. The preschool was taking the kids to the Amarillo zoo today so we dropped him off and they loaded the kiddos on the bus.

There mom came through her procedure with flying colors but she did not come home in time for our son to pick up the kids from school so we picked them up. We picked up the 5 year old first and the drove over to pick up the second grader. On the way to pick up Riley, little Noah was talking to Mama. He said the Lion peed on him we said he did thinking that he just saw the lion pee peeing. While we was inline to pick up his brother a lady and another little boy walked by, so Noah said high to him. This little boys mother stopped at the car and asked if we heard what had happened. Yep Noah was right the lion sprayed several of the kids. Needless to say Mama put him the tub as soon as we got home and since they did not have a change of clothes over here she washed them. We told Noah that he had a story to tell when he gets older.


After 52 Years with the Amarillo Symphony

Amarillo SymphonyMy wife has decided she will retire from the Amarillo Symphony her last concert is today 04/25/2015. One of the local Television stations was doing a story on the 90th anniversary of the Amarillo Symphony. They also had read the story that was in the Amarillo Glob news the other day about Charlotte retiring. So Mr. Larry Lemmon’s of the TV station called Charlotte and wanted to do an interview with her also. He came out to the house and shot this footage with her and her Cello. As you can tell I am very proud of this sweet woman and this should show that she is very committed to everything she does after all she has put up with me for almost 50 years.

Children Steal my Heart.

My two youngest grandsons spent the night with us last night. Noah is 5 and Riley is 7. They are so cute and innocent at that age. We played together watched some cartoons, and Mama fixed us something to eat. We have a mattress that we brought into our bed room and the boys helped Poppy drag it into the bedroom; thin they helped Mama put clean sheets and covers on it. It just touches our hearts when the boys want to come over for a sleepover and then wants to play with us two old folks.

My wife has been reading a book on the Orphan train. She was telling me how these kids were out on their own on the streets of New York City. They had no place to go, nothing to eat, and nowhere to sleep. I have no way of knowing what these children went through.  They were rounded up put on a train, and sent west. The train would stop in a town; the kids were lined up for people to look at. If the people saw the one they wanted that child would go and live with them. The kids that did not get picked were loaded back on the train and taken to the next town where they might or might not be picked to live with someone. I feel so sorry for those kids, some fond good homes though. I was so surprised the number of thousand of kids that road these trains. If you are working on genealogy and have a road block on your relatives you might check out the Orphan train.