What a week

Charlotte and I were set up to have a colonoscopy this week. Last Sunday Charlotte was first so she spent all that day on a liquid diet. It also started raining that morning with the temp hovering around freezing. By the time we left for church it was getting icy. It started snowing while we were in church, we got out of church around eleven o clock and we had an inch or so on the ground. We had light flurries off and on all day. She had to drink that nasty clean your innards out stuff that evening. She was up about 3:30 Monday morning to finish drinking the stuff. We had to be up at the hospital by 6:30, it was still snowing so we left early. The road was not to bad because there had not been much traffic on them. After she had the procedure the doctor said that ever thing looked good, We left the hospital around 10: am. The snow had picked up, it was snowing so hard you could not see more that a couple hundred yards. We just took it easy getting home. Charlotte was pretty crazy from the anesthetic and I had a blast teasing her about all she did.

It warmed up and melted off Tuesday and Wednesday that’s what is great about the Texas panhandle Snow it does not hang around for to long. Thursday was my turn to be on the liquid diet, and drink the nasty stuff. You might have guessed by now it started snowing Thursday and continued on Friday. I drove to the Hospital the roads were a little worse than they were Last Sunday but we made it just fine. All the nurses was asking if we did not get enough when we were here before, so I just told them, why should Charlotte have all the fun. Here again every thing was great. Again it was around 10 am and ¬†Charlotte had to drive me home this time. She did a great job and did not slide once. She had told me that she could drive in this stuff and I guess so for she did a fine job. She just did not understand why the anesthetic did not affect me the way it did her. I told her the only thing I could think of is that I have had lots of surgery’s and maybe I am used to the stuff. Here it is Saturday and we still have snow on the ground but it is hard for it to melt off when it is still 16 degrees outside. But the roads are great as long as you take it easy and we will be able to make to church again tomorrow.


Dejavu all over again

Have you ever had a time when you could swear this has happened before. About 9 or 10 years ago we were at our sons home in Houston. They live on a corner lot and there is a fire plug next to the street in front of their house. So I parked my car on the side street. A lady came to my sons front door she told my son that she was backing out of her driveway and backed into my car. I went out to look at the damage and their was a slight scratch so I told her not to worry and I found a different place to park. She was in a van and it put a big dimple in her bumper.

We went down to Houston again this last weekend to celebrate both my sons birthday and is sweet wife her birthday was just before his. Well now not only does my son have a car, his wife has a car and both grandsons have trucks. So I parked beside the house on the side street. I asked Jeremy if he thought it would be safe there. He said yes that lady does not live there any more. We were there for 4 days and everything was going great. We went over to his house Sunday morning and we were going to leave that afternoon. Sure enough we were settingIMG_0198 in the kitchen talking when we heard a knock at the front door. My son went to the door and then we heard him laughing and the he said dad the lady across the street back into you car. He then explained to the confused young lady why he was laughing. She hit the driver’s door and it was not to bad but we did exchange insurance info because the Honda was a little newer than my old Pontiac we was in before.

41 Years My How Time Flys

The mail man just delivered the mail and as I went out to get it I was wearing my summer shorts. The Temp out this afternoon is in the mid 70’s sun shinning and no wend to speak of. I started thinking 41 years ago today it was snowing like crazy. My wife was pregnant at the time and she told me that her water had broken which had us both upset because she was only eight months along in her pregnancy.

We called one of our friends to see if they could keep our 4 year old daughter while I took Charlotte to the hospital. I turn on the 4 way flashers on the car and away we went. I had to be extra careful due to the snow but we got there. I had to stay in the waiting room while they worked on Charlotte. The nurses was keeping a close eye on her when one of them said, we had a lady in here last night that was about eight months along and she had twins. So they took Charlotte to be ex-rad for they did not have ultrasound back then. Sure enough they spotted three backbones, Charlotte’s and one on each side of hers.

It is hard to believe those two boys will be 41 tomorrow February seventh. They were only 2 minuets a part. and they have been a blessing to us. I never got so tired of hearing people say oh double trouble, instead it was double blessing. We had a girl and I was hoping for a boy and the Good Lord gave us two boy’s.