Amarillo Texas at a standstill

Amarillo ended up with about 11 inches of snow. The weather men told us it was coming and this time they were right. It started with the temp around 33 degrees F and rain. Charlotte had Symphony rehearsal and it was her turn to drive, I told her that I would take her and the other lady. The streets were warm enough that when it started snowing it just melted. When we left around 6:30 pm to head downtown there was a couple of inches on the ground and the road was just wet so we had no problems getting Β to the Globe News Center. I dropped the girls off and drove back home. The snow was getting a lot heavier and the temp had dropped below freezing. The rehearsal was from 7:30-10:00, I decided to leave the house around 9:15 to go pick up the girls, the drive was a lot slower the snow was around 5″ deep and very slushy. Β There wasn’t much traffic thank goodness, I drove about 35-40 mph this was on the highway. Β I had one truck come up behind me with his bright lights on and when he passed me it covered the whole drivers side of the car and of course the windshield with slush.IMG_0174 (2)

I made it to the Globe News Center in plenty of time. It looked like there was about 6″ of snow by this time. When the girls came out at 10:00 the snow was coming down hard I was thankful the wend wasn’t blowing. I told the girls that I was not going to go home on the highway so I drove through the residential areas. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the riders house and another 10 minutes to get home.

This morning when I got out of bed the snow was deep, our local TV station said we had 11″ out at the Amarillo Weather station. My son had to go to work he is a Fireman, Thank goodness he has a 4 wheel drive Jeep with a lift kit on it I have not heard from him so I am hoping no news is good news. I hate to text him in case he is busy. I pray that all of our first responders stay safe and warm today.

IMG_0180 (1) IMG_0175 (2)


28 thoughts on “Amarillo Texas at a standstill

    • Yes the Texas panhandle does get snow more than the rest of Texas, but usually not this much at one tine. Hope and pray you have a blessed day and weekend coming up.:) Jim


  1. I know that seems like a lot os snow for you but you know what we would call 18 inches up in these parts? Friday. Starting with 33 degrees… we would call that a heat wave. πŸ˜‰

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    • We are used to getting snow here but we usually only get 2-5″ and that total would probably be for the whole winter. The city was ready though they had it passable by the next couple days. Have a blessed day and weekend. πŸ™‚ Jim


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