Amarillo Texas at a standstill

Amarillo ended up with about 11 inches of snow. The weather men told us it was coming and this time they were right. It started with the temp around 33 degrees F and rain. Charlotte had Symphony rehearsal and it was her turn to drive, I told her that I would take her and the other lady. The streets were warm enough that when it started snowing it just melted. When we left around 6:30 pm to head downtown there was a couple of inches on the ground and the road was just wet so we had no problems getting  to the Globe News Center. I dropped the girls off and drove back home. The snow was getting a lot heavier and the temp had dropped below freezing. The rehearsal was from 7:30-10:00, I decided to leave the house around 9:15 to go pick up the girls, the drive was a lot slower the snow was around 5″ deep and very slushy.  There wasn’t much traffic thank goodness, I drove about 35-40 mph this was on the highway.  I had one truck come up behind me with his bright lights on and when he passed me it covered the whole drivers side of the car and of course the windshield with slush.IMG_0174 (2)

I made it to the Globe News Center in plenty of time. It looked like there was about 6″ of snow by this time. When the girls came out at 10:00 the snow was coming down hard I was thankful the wend wasn’t blowing. I told the girls that I was not going to go home on the highway so I drove through the residential areas. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the riders house and another 10 minutes to get home.

This morning when I got out of bed the snow was deep, our local TV station said we had 11″ out at the Amarillo Weather station. My son had to go to work he is a Fireman, Thank goodness he has a 4 wheel drive Jeep with a lift kit on it I have not heard from him so I am hoping no news is good news. I hate to text him in case he is busy. I pray that all of our first responders stay safe and warm today.

IMG_0180 (1) IMG_0175 (2)


You Are Good Enough

Sunday January 18 2015.

I posted this on my FB page so that my friends who missed the service for what ever reason would know what they had missed. It is a short version of course and it is mostly what I remembered beings has how I did not write any thing down, I have tried taken notes but it makes me miss so much and besides I can’t read my own hand writing once it gets could.

What another beautiful day the Lord has made. I wished I could be positive about it but that wind is making it hard, Okay that confession is out-of-the-way.
Once we got inside out of the wind it was warm and inviting with all the church body being there. Well we did have a few missing. Charles did an outstanding job again this morning in Sunday school. I can’t wait till next week to hear how Jesus, 100% man, had the same pains and trials that we suffer and yet came through it for us.
Oh the Praise team did a wonderful job! Bob led the music since Brad was out. Bob really blessed us when he sang Long Black Train, All the music put everyone in worship mode,
Sheldon’s sermon was God inspired and right on. When he was talking about growing up in the church, how that they were there every time the door was open Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night was right on the money.
Even though he grew up on the other side of the World from where I lived in Borger Texas, it sounded exactly the same. The only thing that sounded different was that his uncle was the pastor. I never got to know our pastor, sure I saw him every time we were there but I never knew him. Sheldon talked about how the Jews would raise their sheep so that they could take it to sacrifice to God only to be told that it was not good enough by the religious leaders of that time. He told us how that we were all told that we weren’t good enough at some things. Then he read Matthew 5:1-12 where Jesus told the people that they were blessed: no matter what.
I think what drove it home the best was the story about how he went with a man into the prison to talk with the prisoners. How that man got up in front of all those convicts and told them that the only difference was that they got caught and he did not. Then the man told them one more thing that most of them had never heard . That no matter what you have done, Jesus says you are good enough.