Mother Nature Saying Happy New Year

She can some times let us know who is boss of the weather. I know the people up north of us are used to this kind of weather. We dropped down to 4 degrees F last night and with the wend it felt like 15 to 25 Degrees below zero. Plus the snow, we are to get up to maybe 21 degrees f for the last day of the year. What a way to end 2014.

The New Year will start of around 33 degrees F with snow on the ground. I have always said that if I wanted to see snow I would drive up to the mountains. We doIMG_0155 need the moisture though so I pray this means that 2015 will bring us up to at least normal on rain and snow fall. Our local lake is down about 60 feet and it would be nice to see it full again.

I would like to wish all my family and friends a Blessed and Happy New Year. May God truly bless each one of you.

Jim H

37 thoughts on “Mother Nature Saying Happy New Year

  1. Good luck with the rainfall. We are in the driest part of the UK and had a couple of very dry years, then suddenly last summer we had some deluges. Happy new year.

    It sounds like y’all need luck on the rain fall also. We have had some rain which turned to ice, then we received about 4-5″ of snow on top of that. Hope and pray that y’all have a happy and blessed New Years

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